October 28, 2019

Liquid stone coating is a trend of today. However, the material is natural and experiences no cracks and damage shortly. The coat is applicable on any horizontal or vertical surface and is easy to apply. The liquid stone coating gives you several options to choose from. The options include limestone, brick & tile, terracotta, and sandstone.

The products essential for making liquid stones undergo strict tests to keep the natural ingredients intact. Especially materials for sandstone coating Sydney undergo all the tests to define its durability. These tests include strength, flexibility, UV light, fire resistance test, and crack-test. All the other liquid stones also have the flexibility to withstand moisture and temperature.

Perks of using liquid stone coating

There are several benefits which will eventually motivate you to opt for liquid stone coating at your place. Some of the benefits are:

  • You will experience natural beauty as the natural liquid stones are the base of these coatings. There are available in multiple colors giving you a wide range of color options. Liquid stone, mainly sandstone, feels impressive in black and charcoal. It gives you a heavenly experience when you look at it.
  • They are durable and long lasting. Sandstones cannot surpass the durability of granite or slate but is strong enough for a life span of a decade and more.
  • As all the liquid stones form naturally, the uniqueness is its best advantage. Original carvings make every piece unique and attractive at the same time. Sandstone is the preferable liquid stone among'st all. Sandstone is found in big slabs and then cut down to smaller pieces.
  • The texture gives a natural mountainous feel and is the best replacement for flooring tiles. Liquid stones essential for flooring undergo polishing to give out the shine in them.
  • Liquid stone flooring uses individual tiles, giving you an advantage of replacing each one individually. If you find damage on your sandstone coating tile, then you can replace that tile piece instead of changing the entire flooring.

Disadvantages of Liquid stone coating

Along with the numerous benefits of liquid stone coating, several problems also finds its way. Some of the drawbacks of using liquid stone are:

  • Liquid stone, mainly sandstone absorbs a considerable amount of water when used as floor tiles. Believe it or not, but water absorption is a significant issue even on the natural rocks. Continuous absorption of water will lead the stones to stains, bacteria, and warping. You can prevent using sandstone or any liquid stone in bathrooms.
  • However, these stones are soft rocks and can experience scratches. Scratches are an issue but after a long tenure of use.
  • The liquid stones become slippery when you forget to wipe out the water-spill. If your liquid stone has undergone polishing, then you need to prevent water spills on the floors.

These are some of the pros and cons of choosing a liquid stone coating for your house. The liquid stone dealers Sydney claims to have several options for their customers and provide quality products. The benefits are more when you compare it with disadvantages but when you choose one, do consider them all.

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