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Megatreat Slip Resistant Additive available in 40ml Packets

Megatreat Slip Resistant Additive available in 40ml Packets

Benefits of NON-SLIP Finishes floor coatings
November 21, 2017

The benefits on non-slip floor finish for concrete floors in slippery environments are many. If you own or manage a cafeteria, you are acquainted with how difficult it is to get all of your staff members into non-slip shoes. There is always going to be the one staff member who lags behind everybody else and doesn’t get his shoes until it is too late.

Non-slip floor finishes make a standard concrete floor much more controllable, allowing a greater grip on the cement even when it is wet. With non-slip finishes in place, the accident rate is much lower, helping to cut down on insurance costs. These reduced costs could then be given back to the customer, making for a happier customer.

Non-slip finishes products like Megatreat Liquid Stone, Sealers and Liquid Terracotta concrete floor coverings etc. stop accidents before they happen. Slip and fall accidents in the workplace cost Australian industries millions each year in lawsuit, damages, and lost work time. Stopping the accident before it occurs means no lawsuit, and no time off from work due to injuries obtained during a slip and fall in the office.

In addition, non-slip finishes provide many advantages. For example, a safe office with sure footing instills confidence in employees. This, alongside their own carefulness, guarantees they can achieve their activity without fear of damage. This increases employee productivity and benefits the organization's primary concern. Another benefit is an elevated representative confidence. Workers are more adept to need to stay aware of the office floor upkeep with a simple to clean, stylishly satisfying and alluring floor surface that they can be glad for.

Depending upon the particular use associated with the floor area, washing as well as routine maintenance is actually a significant consideration while choosing the type of non-slip finish in Sydney to apply. Some non-slip coatings include an extremely high profile (the peaks and valleys within the covering that provide the non-slip properties), which will be too aggressive for mop cleaning. It is smart to check with the manufacturer of the finishes concerning the very best coating solution for you to meet your requirements.

This obviously does not mean that employees should not be given standard warnings. Safety training should point out that the cement is slippery, as the covering can break down after continued use. By taking this extra caution safety measures should be assured. Nonetheless, a company should treat its cement with a trusted covering; the bonuses in efficiency will be worth it in the end.