December 31, 2019

Mega treat sandstone for real stone finish

Mega treat Sandstone is one of the long lasting selections of unique aggregates, sand and special acrylic binders that are used to create real stone finish on floors, wall pots, timber or any desired surface. Different effects and finishes can easily be created with just a bit of imagination. They are applicable on real sandstone, colors fast, hard wearing, cool underfoot and slip resistant.

Why painting sandstone is tough?

Sandstone coating in Sydney is a highly attractive material that is often chosen for indoor and outdoor paving projects. There are times when it may be necessary to paint sandstone which might be difficult to achieve as the stone might be soft and brittle. This sandstone sealer is specifically formulated to enhance the sandstone and protect porous natural stone surfaces. It dries up to high gloss wet look that is a crisp and clear finish. It also provides a smooth and a washable surface, thus protecting it from stains spills and reducing the ability of mould, algae and lichen to grow or discolor the surface.

UV acrylic solution protects from stains

It is a UV stable acrylic solution, with an excellent optical clarity and is designed to provide years of service. If you are sealing around wet areas including spa or pools, as some sealers may become slippery when wet. Thus you may need to add some anti-slip powder to your final coat. Some of the characteristics includes that it protects surfaces and stains, enhances natural colors, prevents mould growth, and wet-look finish.

Use of paving and sandstone sealer

This is a penetrating, clear sealer and top coat that shields porous stone, masonry and concrete from stains and traffic wear. Sandstone sealers offer heavy duty protection for high traffic areas including driveways and garage floors. It helps bring out the depth of color in the natural stone along with the matt finish that can be built to a gloss with additional coatings. Paving and sandstone sealer is ideally used for concrete, sandstone and concrete masonry pavers, terracotta roof tiles and natural brick.

Paving and sandstone sealer is not recommended for acrylic bound pebbles or glazed tiles. It is not suitable for areas that are already affected by salt penetration.

Concrete sealers and its usages

Concrete sealer in Sydney is applied to concrete to protect it from all kinds of surface damage. It also protects it from surface damage, staining and corrosion. They either block all pores in the concrete to reduce absorption of water or salts or form an impermeable layer which prevents such materials from passing.

Should concrete sealers be used at all?

Concrete sealers without protection, will not even be enough strong, or durable. Just take a look at the cracked sidewalks, leaky foundation and crumbling bridges. The most cost effective way to protect concrete is by using a concrete sealer as soon as the concrete has finished curing.

You could also seal old concrete as it has been previously sealed with concrete sealer. Once the old sealer is removed, clean the concrete before applying new concrete sealers on to it.

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