November 13, 2019

A leaky shower can give you sleepless nights and your worst nightmares ever. No one ever wants to deal with such scenarios. But you can never really choose that. You can experience a leaky shower at any moment, and you will have to get it fixed anyhow. The first step to fix a leaky shower is diagnosing the same correctly. That being said. However, not many people know the tips and tricks of identifying a leaky shower correctly. If you are finding it difficult to identify such an issue in your shower, then you are at the right place. Here, in this article, you will get the right suggestions of how to correctly detect a leaky shower.

Tips and Tricks to Identify Leaky Showers

As leaky showers are difficult to diagnose correctly, mentioned below are some of the best methods for identifying leaking shower Sydney:

Check Your Door Seals

Consider checking your door with your shower running. Check if your rubber seals have been worn out. Adjust the position of your shower door if required. Most of the door hinges would have the adjustment points for such jobs. If your silicone seal surrounding the tray has been cracked, then leakage is very likely to take place.

Check Your Shower Tray

If your seal gets cracked up regularly, consider checking if your shower tray has got adequate support. Plastic ones are usually a bit springy. Hence, look underneath. Check if the legs are correctly fixed. It will wobble if it is not correct. However, you must screw up or screw down the legs to get the problem fixed. If you cannot support your tray with the legs sufficiently, you can consider using wooden blocks underneath it for additional support.

Check the Tiles

Check if any holes are present. If holes are present, then water would get into these areas and result in damp issues that in turn will lead to leakage. If you end up finding any holes, make sure you treat your tiles as soon as possible.

Check Shower Enclosure

One of the commonest mistakes committed by both DIYers as well as professionals are not sealing under door frame base before installing the screen. This can give way to the water to get into your shower enclosure and get into pillar bases to result in leakage. Most of the enclosures must be sealed properly at wall edge at the screen exterior and not the interior.

If your screen has been sealed on inside, it can lead to problems. If you are feeling confident to do so, disassemble your screen and make sure that you have properly sealed underneath the frame using a sealant on both the sides of your door and the sealant strips have been fitted correctly.

Repairing your leaky shower would not be difficult once you identify the issue successfully. There are some methods of fixing a leaky shower. Check the one that works best for your case and requirement. You can make use of liquid stone Sydney for the best protection against shower leakage.

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