April 16, 2021

As unfortunate it can get leaking shower recess is one of the most common and problems in almost every house in Nelson Bay or Sydney. The modern-day water-proofing systems that are available along with the correct installation can prevent a leaking shower. But this is not the case always. The tiled and grouted surfaces of your shower is not waterproof, although the waterproofing membrane beneath the surface is. In most cases, a leaking shower in your Nelson Bay home can actually lead to extreme damage and highly expensive repairs.

Reasons for a leaking shower in Nelson Bay

If you ever happen to discover a smelly or a musty stench coming from your bathroom or perhaps your tiles are turning darker in shade, with some unwelcomed damp patches, your shower is probably leaking. Or they are some indications that a leak in the shower is evident. The reasons why this can happen are due to the following.
  • Poorly routed tiles
  • A leaking pipe behind the wall
  • Exposure of the cut edge of the shower tiles
  • Structural movement of disturbance of the building
  • Pinholes in the grout or joint
  • Waterproofing or shower sealers are not included during installation
Shower tiles are incorrectly bedded into the adhesiveThese reasons can generally point towards poor craftsmanship or failure to comply with the norms of the building code.

Fixing a leaking shower in Sydney

A leaking shower repair is the job of a professional. The first step is to consider repairing a leaking shower is to contact your nearest shower seal dealer in Sydney or the building waterproofer/plumber. Only they can determine the exact area location of the leakage. If the problem is due to a cracked or missing grout you can definitely get it repaired by yourself using a grout booster along with a shower sealer. You should always consider using silicone in all the internal corners as well as the tiles in the bottom rows of the shower recess. Using shower sealers can help prevent any leaking any time soon after the application.

Guide to leaking shower repairs

How to seal a leaking shower

Tiles and grouts can be highly porous which is why waterproofing them could be the solution to prevent any kind of water leaking. Megatreat’s shower sealers are ideal for fixing all types of leaking showers or preventing new leakage from happening in newly constructed showers. In case you want to consider sealing your leaking shower we are providing you with a step by step guide to shower sealing.

Clean your shower recess

It is extremely crucial to remove all the mould and dirt from the grouts and tiles for a smooth and effective application. You need to give the shower a good scrubbing beforehand and wait for it to dry up.

Masking off glass, silicon or metal and plastic edges

You need/can use making tapes to protect the silicon strips (if there is any), the glass walls and the shower from the sealer before application and keep them protected.

Considering Safety

You need to consider your safety before proceeding with the application. Keep a window open or keep the room ventilated. Don’t forget to put up your protective gloves and mask. Try and keep your doctor’s number in hand at times of emergency.

Applying shower sealer to the shower walls

You can use a shower bristle brush to apply shower sealer coatings onto the place of leakage and wait for a few minutes before the next application/coating. After applying the next wait for another few minutes. After application, wipe off the excess product with a clean and absorbent towel or cloth.

Seal off the wall and floor joints

To complete the process of sealing and preventing further cracks due to the building movement you can apply silicon joint shower sealers along the wall and floor joints. For more details about shower sealers in Nelson Bay and Sydney, you can visit our website.

Wait until the shower sealer is set

It is all about a game of patience. You would have to wait at least 12 hours from the last application for the shower sealer to completely cure and close the cracks or leaks. The product would dry up give an invisible finish and protection to your shower floor and walls.

Enjoy your result

Once your sealer has cured and you have successfully let the product dry for 12 hours or more, it is now ready to use. Now you can easily clean, resist and repel mould and water from the shower surface. On a conclusive note, if you are looking for a reliable brand of shower sealers we as one of the trusted shower seal dealers in Sydney can provide you with some of the best industry-standard complied shower sealers. To know more you can either contact us or visit our website for the best deals on shower sealers in Nelson Bay and Sydney.

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