September 16, 2019

Concrete sealers are the hottest thing in the town right now. If your concrete pathways or walls are frequently exposed to harsh climatic conditions, then concrete sealers are supposedly the best thing that can happen to your walls. Apart from protection, if you look from the aesthetics point of view, concrete sealers bring a glossy and smooth texture to your concrete walls and floors.

Even terracotta paint Sydney can be helpful up to a certain extent. Several things go with concrete sealers, but our focus remains on the basics, the application of the concrete sealers.

Tips for applying concrete sealers

Do not ignore the manufacturer’s instructions

Manufacturer’s instructions are quite important, but despite knowing the fact many people ignore it carelessly. Each product is different and hence is its directions. If you are not getting any direction, search online for instruction manuals or data sheet for the substance. Apart from that, you can always contact the local experts or technicians who can help you out in your mess.

Do not compromise with the equipment

Getting the right roller is the key to a smooth and polished surface. It is advisable to not go with the cheaper ones as they would get worn out quite quickly and are difficult to exchange in between the work. Loose lint is a significant problem. One should always apply the first coating on a different surface to ensure that there is no free lint left out that may be still present after the manufacturing process.

Apply thin layers of coats in multiple rounds

Coating the surface with concrete sealers is one of the difficult tasks to do and is recommended to be applied by the professionals only. Using thick layers of concrete sealers can create cracks on the surface and has problems of its own. Hence it is advised to using in smaller and thin coatings. Once a layer gets dried out, apply another layer of the sheet and repeat the step until you get a smooth surface.

Prepare the concrete thoroughly

Preparing concrete is one of the essential parts of the entire process. If you have just laid the concrete floor, make sure it is dry as much as possible before applying the coating. If you are coating a surface that has been previously constructed, make sure that it is as clean as possible. Concrete being porous will quickly absorb the mixture and will make the entire surface smooth and water-proof.

Avoid Puddles as much as you can

Sometimes puddles get created when the sealer is applied on the surface. Any extra sealer that is left on the surface should be removed using the roller. Some sealers need to be continuously agitated using a brush so that the sealer penetrates quickly into the surface. Puddles if left to be dried, can lead to a solidification of the puddles and small stable bubble-shaped structures on the surface. Unless removed, these puddles will remain like that.

Apart from these things, there are some things that one should take care while applying concrete coatings. Finding concrete sealer Sydney is not an issue anymore. Just a few clicks away you can get the best brands on your fingertips.

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