June 14, 2019

A slippery floor can be very dangerous for you and your family members. Hence, you need to pay special attention to your patios, driveways, and poolside as they have a great chance of accumulating moisture and turning slippery. Apart from snow, ice, and frost, the slippery patios, driveways, and poolside can be the result of algae spores and lichen growing within the cracks and capillaries of the concrete surface. To ensure the safety and security of your loved ones, you need to keep your patios and driveways sleep resistant. That being said, the question now is, how to achieve a non-slippery driveway. Well, this article will give you the most effective tips to achieve the same.

To make sure that the exterior surfaces are slip resistant, consider applying non slip finishes Sydney. These coverings can help you to achieve protection against moisture accumulation and give you better driveways and patios. That being said, let us go ahead in this article and check what these anti-slip paints are and how they can be utilized for achieving resistance against slipping.

What are Anti-slip Paints?

Anti-slip paints are crucial for maintaining a practical and safe surface. These paints consist of a typical gritty texture for increasing the surface friction. They can be used for both exteriors as well as interior surfaces. The anti-slip paints usually come in many different forms, including clear anti-slip paints and opaque anti-slip paints. You can choose your anti-slip paint based on your needs and requirements.

More Ways of Making Your Exterior Surface Slip Resistant

At the very first place, clean the surface properly and thoroughly and make sure that the remaining algae spores are killed. Here, you can consider using pressure or power washer for eliminating every sign of mold and algae spore on the surface. Some of the pressure washers usually come with patio brush. You can use the patio brush for achieving a super cleaned surface.

After the surface has been cleaned up thoroughly, consider treating it with fungicide solution for preventing further growth of algae. Scrub the fungicide solution into your exterior surface, leave the same for some time, and then wash it off thoroughly. If possible, you can repeat the entire process for a second time.

The after-wash must be as thorough as possible, and every trace of your fungicide solution must be removed completely. You can then go ahead and seal your patio or driveway with a good sealer for enhancing the durability and longevity. There are many types of patio sealers available in the market. Do not get confused. Be clear about your goals and purchase the sealer that best suits your needs and objectives.

Making your patio surface non-slippery is not rocket science. However, you should abide by the best practices to get the most effective and highly beneficial result. If you have a pebblecrete driveway, patio, or poolside, you can consider making use of a good pebblecrete cover Nelson Bay for protecting your exterior surfaces and keeping them slip free.

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