January 8, 2020

Sandstone is a popular building material

Sydney limestone paint manufacturers offers unique products for your interiors and exteriors. Because of the variety of colors and design performed by nature, sandstone is popular building material, used for both interior and exterior use as well as for domestic and commercial use. It is also considered as eco-friendly or environmental friendly material since it could be a source near the building site saving previous energy and excess materials from cutting and trimming are not wasted since these can be used in making concrete. Considered one of the youngest of the stones, sandstone defers in porosity, strength and permeability. Thus it has many uses in gardens as an architectural ornament, as a pavement and as a fountain or as a wall. Sandstone is one popular material used in countertop, floors and tiles, in showers or part of the wall as a vertical design.

Water or any liquid including oil will be absorbed by the sandstone very quickly over time that will damage that will damage the surface, thus sandstone sealer is used is used to protect it. In order to maintain the beauty of the sandstone, regular cleaning is required with a dry untreated mop or wiped with warm water with a sponge or a mop. Cleansers are made for sandstone or stone should be used since regular cleaners that contain acid such as bleach or ammonia can damage the surface of the sandstone.

2 types of sandstone sealers

There are generally 2 types of sandstone sealers in the market, the penetrating type and the topical type. The location and the application of the sandstone determine the type of sealers to be used. The penetrating types of sandstone sealers are also known as impregnators that are designed to penetrate the surface of the sandstone binding with the substrates of the stones. This will help block any liquid from penetrating the surface of the sandstone. Water might be colorless, but when left to penetrate sandstone, it may dry, but a stain will result, more so with oils. They are usually applied in pavements, floors or any exterior use since impregnators are UV resistant compared to the second type, the topical sealers.

Topical sandstone sealers

Topical sealers can be permanent or strippable. Most are water based and are much cheaper than the penetrating type of sandstone sealer. Topical sealers will only coat the surface and will not penetrate the insides of the substrates of the stone. A disadvantage of topical sandstone sealers is that it is prone to show wears specially traffic zones such as the floor. It is not UV resistant, and yellows over time. Constant striping and resealing will result in scratches and etch marks on the sandstone, although they are skid or slip resistant in comparison to penetrating sealers. Sandstone coating in Sydney is a highly effective and easy to apply and safe to use. The sealers for natural stone are suitable for limestone, slate and granite.

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