There are four types of Megatreat™ Liquid Stone products:

Liquid Sandstone : 3 natural colours – Natural, Sydney White and Desert Gold. Also, the stock Tinted Charcoal Grey.

Liquid Terracotta: colour Terracotta,

Liquid Limestone: Natural Off-White and stock Tinted Light Grey

Textured Primer Coat: White and Tintable (filler and/or joint colour)

Features and Benefits Summary:

Looks feel and wear like natural stone

Lower cost than traditional natural stone and construction products

Easy to use straight from the can, fast and easy to apply

Works on virtually on any surface, vertical or horizontal, inside and outside.

The original product will not fade

Product is extremely durable and crack-resistant

Maximum colour and texture flexibility with high-quality results

Environmentally safe, fire retardant, mould resistant

Megatreat™ Liquid Stone is applied to the new “Nemo Ride” at Disneyland California


Before Using the Megatreat Liquid Stone products


After Using the Megatreat Liquid Stone products

All of those products have been thoroughly tested by C.S.I.R.O in Australia Laboratories and Marshall Laboratories in the USA. They Passed all tests for flexibility, strength, fire resistance, ultra-violet light, crack resistance and mould resistance. These products can adapt to variations of temperature and moisture. Megatreat™ Natural, Satin or Gloss Sealers, are applied once the Liquid Stone is dry (around 24 hours after application). These tried and proven range of sealers are easily applied, does not wash away with water and have no offensive smell. A slip-resistant additive can be mixed in the Satin and Gloss sealers for pool surrounds, shop floors and bathrooms. The long-lasting sealers give up to 5 years of protection. In 1986 our now, ex tiler Director Stephen Rapaport was the first to invent a solution to fix that “Leaking Shower Recess” without the need to remove tiles. The Hitec Shower product was commercialised in 1990 and has been available in some tile stores since then. It comes with complete Copyright instructions to seal any leaking shower yourself. You also have access to the manufacturers of Hitec Products for technical or trade-related training and sales. This product retails for around AUD $50.00. If it is unavailable in your area it can be purchased from the manufacturer for AUD $49.95 incl P&H Make a career or add to your bottom line from selling or using the Hitec Product, many opportunities exist for smart operators and conscientious people for minimal outlay.

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