Guide to Painting & Decorating with Terracotta Paint in Australia

January 4, 2022 Guide to Painting and Decorating with Terracotta Paint in Australia or world wide

Painting Tips with Megatreat Liquid Terracotta Paint in Australia As a terracotta paint manufacturer in Taylors Beach NSW, we enjoy experimenting with popular and forgotten paint colours to help you create a beautiful and unique place in your home. There are endless methods and solutions for painting and decorating with some of your favourite colours to highlight the numerous elements...

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The Warning Signs of a Leaking Shower

August 20, 2021 The Warning Signs of a Leaking Shower

The most common reason behind a leaking shower in Australian-based homes is due to minor building movements that can cause the weakening also cracking of the grout. As a result, it damages the waterproofing membrane that lies underneath the tiles. This mainly happens between the wall joints and the floor of the shower recess or the balcony areas. Around 80% of showers are built onto a sturdy wa...

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Choose Non Slip Finish in Sydney and Nelson Bay

June 2, 2021 Why should you choose a non slip finish in Sydney and Nelson Bay?

Safety and hazard prevention are important factors that need to be considered while constructing your dream house or commercial space. Special floorings like tiles, granite, or natural stone can be slippery. Frequently wet surfaces are also dangerous and inconvenient for everyone. We can find notable instances where accidents happen because of slippery flooring. Areas of the house like driveway...

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