Megatreat Liquid Terracotta

Here are some tips on applying the Megatreat Liquid Terracotta range of products, to see our entire range, please view the catalogue. For any further information, contact us

Surface Preparation

  • Apply to a clean, dry surface. If the surface is dirty, clean with a high pressure water cleaner, remove any oil stains from the surface and allow to dry.
  • Rough and grooved surfaces will need to be topped with 2.5 sand to 1 cement and 40:1 cross link concrete additive (or similar), or topped with megatreat textured primer coat, making sure that the surface is smooth so as to prevent "bleed through" under the tape (when it is applied). Steel trowelled and float finished concrete require acid etching
  • To create tiled effects, use Meagtreat Tile Tape. We recommend 450 mm square tile pattern, which is very much in vogue for terracotta tiles and is also a lot less work than smaller tile patterns.

"Mark the floor with a pencil in 450 mm increments along the side, mark the opposite side the same, then repeat this operation for the other two opposing ends."

"Use Megatreat Tile Tape to join these marks, creating the tile effect as such …"

"For tips on applying the tape, see the Megatreat Tile Tape section."

Applying Liquid Terracotta

  • Remember that the terracotta becomes a shade darker when the satin or gloss sealer is applied.

  • Cut in with a good quality brush first.

  • Roll first coat using a medium nap roller and allow to dry.

  • Apply a second coat as per the previous 2 steps. Allow to dry.

  • For a deeper joint (optional), and to give a more realistic "real tile look", apply a third coat and allow to dry 1 – 2 hours depending on weather conditions.

Finishing The Surfac

  • Carefully pull up tape starting with the last section that was put down.

  • Sweep up or vacuum all dried terracotta pieces that come off from the taped area.

  • Seal the surface using Megatreat Satin, Gloss or Natural Sealer, for tips on applying the sealer, see the Megatreat Sealer section.

Megatreat Satin Sealer

Apply Megatreat Satin Sealer your new terracotta finished surface, which should be clean, dry and free from debris before applying the sealer. Apply at least 2 coats, but if the surface is to be subjected to high or heavy traffic, you may wish to apply a third coat.

  • First Coat – Stir can well, then apply with a foam pad applicator or airless spray gun, and allow to dry. Coverage 12 – 14 m2 per litre.
  • Second Coat – Allow a minimum of 2 hours before applying this coat. Then apply an even coat with a foam pad applicator or airless spray gun. Coverage 16-18 m2 per litre
  • Third Coat –If a third coat is required, apply as per the second coat, with a coverage of about 18 – 20 m2 per litre
  • Maintenance –Clean treated surface regularily with water and mild detergent. Megatreat Satin Sealer is resistant to many chemicals and staining compounds, and will usually prevent their penetration into the surface. Exterior low traffic areas may require a top-up coat after 3 years, simply wash down the area with water and detergent, rinse off, allow to dry, then roll or spray on a top-up coat. Interior traffic areas may require a top-up coat after 3 – 5 years or so, depending on the severity of the traffic.
  • Sealing Tile Tape –Steel trowelled or smooth finished concrete does not require tape sealing. To prevent "bleed through" under the tape,seal the tape down with mixture of bondcrete ( 1 part ) and water ( 2 Parts ) using a 50mm roller.

Megatreat Tile Tape

Applying the Tile Tape is best carried out with two people …

  • Make sure you have marked out the surface at the desired interval on each of the edges.
  • Have one person hold the tape down on the middle of the first mark, while the other person unrolls the tape, making sure to keep it taught. When reaching the opposite mark, stretch the tape slightly, and stick down onto the mark. Gently pat down the tape onto the surface, making sure it doesn't go sideways in the process. To stick down tape firmly, use a small 50 mm wide foam roller which fits a roller pole. Complete all tape lines as such.

You may also need to seal the tape to prevent "bleed through", for tips on applying the sealer, see the Megatreat Satin Sealer section.

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