December 12, 2019

Stone finishes specializes in transforming ordinary surfaces into incredibly durable showpieces. We can cover almost any surface without advanced coatings such as concrete, wood, counter tops, metal and sheet rock. They are known to service commercial and residential and even the industrial industry. Liquid stone dealers in Sydney can provide you with the best liquid stone finishes.

About Liquid stone finish

Such expert recoating service can be applied to pool decks, steps and walkways. You could also apply them on garage floors, and basement floors. They provide seamless flooring and resurfacing. Liquid stone finish can transform your scratched, chipped or discolored floors and many other surfaces with epoxy coating finish that is strong and is durable and easy to maintain. It would look amazing. With the epoxy coating solutions, you will have one of the toughest and the most durable finishes that could be applied today. The ranges of coating materials available are in many different colors and styles.

Restoration and repairs

The liquid stone finish team will be applying multiple coats of epoxy to make your flooring, or other surfaces that are much more durable. From preparing your existing surface, to restoration of cracks and imperfections, they do it all. At liquid stone finish, epoxy coating systems can be used in many residential and commercial applications including seamless floors, performance flooring, floor resurfacing, restoration repair systems, and decorative finishes. They have a versatile range of commercial, industrial and residential applications are suitable for all surfaces including garage floors, kitchen floors, countertops, restaurants, car dealers, auto shops and showrooms and high traffic flooring areas.

Acrylic overlay flooring

Acrylic overlay flooring systems are known to be blend polymer resins along with sand, cement, and other additives, that combines to improve performance, wear resistance and aesthetic qualities. A polymer modified overlay could be applied through layers as a thin credit card, or even up to several inches thick without any failure. The overlay would stick extremely well, to your existing concrete and is designed to resist damage for all kinds of chemicals, salt, UV exposure and freeze-thaw conditions.

Polymer modified cement overlays

Concrete overlays are an alternative to breaking out and replacing an existing concrete slab, which can be very expensive and also disruptive, messy and time-consuming. With some polymer modified cement overlay you can give a worn, lackluster, concrete surface a beautiful decorative makeover or even restore it like new at a lesser cost or replacing a concrete slab.

Some of the services that you will receive include the following:-
  • Acrylic overlay
  • Advance coating specialist
  • Polymer modified cement overlays
  • Epoxy coatings refinishing stamp concrete
  • Staining and coloring of concrete

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