June 2, 2021
Choose Non Slip Finish in Sydney and Nelson Bay

Safety and hazard prevention are important factors that need to be considered while constructing your dream house or commercial space. Special floorings like tiles, granite, or natural stone can be slippery.

Frequently wet surfaces are also dangerous and inconvenient for everyone. We can find notable instances where accidents happen because of slippery flooring. Areas of the house like driveways, walkways, bathrooms, pool areas are the potential areas of risk.

To prevent accidents due to a slippery surfaces, special treatment is mandatory. Non slip finishes are available from Megatreat LIquid Stone by Mail Order, Australia Wide and are helpful to prevent any kind of potential mishaps. Non-slip coatings and finishes are formulated with special elements to make any kind of concrete surface safe for operation.

Now, non-slip finishes have several other benefits. This special coating imparts an appreciable aesthetic value to the part where it is applied. Demand for such finishes is increasing each passing day. Along with good aesthetic value, such coatings are durable and resistant. Also resistant to any kinds of cracks or environmental influence such as heat and water.

How to get non slip finishes on a concrete surface with resurfacing products?

 All concrete surfaces can be slippery when it is wet or icy, this is especially applicable for colour hardened or sealed up concrete surfaces. If you want an attractive concrete surface but don’t want people to slip on it and get hurt, treating the concrete with non-slip finishes for your property is absolutely justified.

Achieving friction can be done through two options

Slipperiness is not exactly a technical term. The objective, however, is to increase the non-slipperiness or slip resistance by increasing friction on the surface.

There are usually two ways to create non-slip finishes:

  1. You can texturise the concrete itself and apply some of the gritty material to increase friction on the surface. Resurfacing product or sealer mixed with gritty material before the application can offer the same result.
  2. Applying a gritty surfaced tape onto the surface. Putting down rubber mats can produce the same result.  But you wouldn’t want ugly mats on top of your beautiful concrete surface, would you?

Does applying resurfacing products make concrete slippery?

Resurfacing products like sealers for decorative concrete offer protection and enhances the colour. But as a part of myth-busting, this thin layer of resurfacing product offers protection as a non-slip finish on concrete surfaces. Polished concrete floors can look smooth and clear like glass. But they are safe to walk on when clean and dry. However, the application of resurfacing products for non-slip finishes can add friction and improve slip resistance.

Getting resurfacing products and non-slip finishes in Australia.

If you are looking to add slip resistance to your old surfaces there are some popular resurfacing product manufacturers who keep a varied stock of resurfacing products as well as non-slip finishes in a variety of colours

Popular manufacturers like us, Megatreat are renowned manufacturers of sealers, resurfacing products and non-slip finishes. We can provide you with top-quality products at a curated and reasonable price. To know more you can visit our official website for the best selection.

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