Megatreat™ Gloss Sealer


Protect your investment from permanent staining and deterioration with Megatreat™ Gloss Sealer.

Gloss Sealer is a water based, cross-linked acrylic penetrating sealant developed for the long life sealing and protecting of Megatreat™ decorative coatings, terracotta tiles, sandstone and masonry. It protects against staining from oil, grease, food, red wine, etc., and is not affected by salt or chlorine.

Gloss Sealer can be applied over most existing sealers, and unlike most other sealers, does not require multi-directional application. Outlasting most conventional sealers, Gloss Sealer can be used externally as well as internally, is transparent, yellowing resistant (UV resistant) and due to it’s excellent weathering resistance, will not crack, chip or peel. Gloss Sealer is non toxic, non flammable, anti-fungal, and easy to apply.

Available in 1lt, 4lt, 10lt containers

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1Ltr, 4Ltr, 10Ltr

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