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Textured Primer Coat Light Grey

Megatreat™ Textured Primer Coat is a water based cement free blend of natural aggregate and new generation acrylic binders. Megatreat™ Thestured Primer Coat is fast drying, flexible and can be applied to a feathered edge. Megatreat™ topcoats can be applied the next day.

Megatreat™ Textured Primer Coat is ideal for repairing and renovating cracked, uneven or stained concrete and cement surfaces as well as covering existing tiles and pebblecrete. Also coats plywood and other non masonry surfaces to create a cement like finish prior to the application of Megatreat™ Liquid Terracotta, Liquid Sandstone or Liquid Limestone. As well as giving the opportunity to create realistic textured grout joints by using our Megatreat™ Tile Tape, after applying the textured primer coat. Then continuing on to apply the liquid terracotta, liquid sandstone or liquid limestone to create a wide variety of looks including slate, terracotta tile, sandstone block or natural stone. Megatreat™ Textured Primer Coat is an economical way to cover over old existing surfaces without the hassle and cost of trying to remove it.

Available in 4 and 10 Liters 

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