August 20, 2021
The Warning Signs of a Leaking Shower

The most common reason behind a leaking shower in Australian-based homes is due to minor building movements that can cause the weakening also cracking of the grout. As a result, it damages the waterproofing membrane that lies underneath the tiles. This mainly happens between the wall joints and the floor of the shower recess or the balcony areas.

Around 80% of showers are built onto a sturdy wall that could eventually leak because of the gap between the tiled wall and the floor of the shower recess. The surprising reason behind the gap due to vibrations is not because of an earthquake but due to the vibration from the opening and closing of doors, the expansion and contraction of the wall due to temperature and moisture changes.

Leaking shower problems in Australia

The grouts between tiles cannot withstand vibration due to movements. This as a result causes leaking in the shower through the gaps between the walls and floors.

Even solid homes made from concrete can experience the same leakage problem between the floor and wall because of expansion and contraction. Not to forget, showers with a shower membrane/tray can cope with only small quantities of water and not heavy drainage. The tray once full would only cause the overflow into the walls and floor to be absorbed by the woodwork or carpet in the closest areas. As unpleasant as it gets such damp areas starts to smell, rot and attract termites.

Silicones or plugging products might work but only for a limited period. However, efforts made to remove the dirt or mould build-up can only worsen the problem.
Hitec Shower Sealant from Megatreat is available by Mail Order Australia Wide and is highly resistant to corrosive cleaners or scrubbing brushes.
The Hitec Shower Pack is available at selected Tile Retailers in NSW & does provide a long-lasting and cost-effective solution by preventing water from entering through the gaps and joints of the shower recess permanently!

The warning signs of a Leaking Shower at your home

  • Wet and smelly carpet
  • Walls with paint bubbles (sometimes swelling)
  • Missing wall and floor grouts
  • Walls and floors with visible gaps
  • Black, mouldy or dirty silicone
  • Discolouring of tiles around or in shower
  • Swelling of timber
  • Bathroom doors getting jammed
  • Buckling of floors
  • Bathroom ceiling with damp and water-marks
  • Degeneration of the silicon around the shower screen
  • Flaking of paint from walls
  • Lifting tiles from walls
  • Wall cracks

If you find any of these warning signs at your home there is a chance that your shower might be leaking furthermore causing damage to the property.

However, remember that some of the leaks are not visible to the naked eye like leaks under the walls and floor of the bathroom. Luckily, Megatreat’s shower sealing services in our area are highly capable of quick and precise leak detection if there is any.

Don’t let the leaking shower problem get out of your hand and call Megatreat today or visit our website for an experienced and professional consultant with the inventor of the system and products required to seal your leaking shower.
There are businesses out there that recommend removing the floor and a skirting tile in the shower recess to repair the leaking problem, but since 1986 I have not removed tiles to fix the leaking problem.

Don’t pay around $3000 for a franchise type fix up when you can do the job yourself for around $80.00.
With 000’s of successful applications by us and DIYers you cannot go wrong unless you have loose wall or floor tiles in your shower.

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