Seal your Own Leaking Shower with Hitec Shower Pack, our Permanent Repair Sealant

Complete with all instructions

A leaking shower is a potentially drastic problem for buildings and infrastructures that requires a swift action to limit the damage from the leaking water. The first step is to identify the signs eg: (swollen door jams or skirting boards, mould behind shower wall, wet carpet) to try to locate the source of leakage and then fix it.

A leak can occur in different areas which include the level below or through the walls and its surrounding areas. If you are dealing with a water leak in your home, this might due to the fact that excessive amounts of water are seeping below the surface of the tile. As a result, the leaking water tracks and targets the weakest point of resistance and hence the leak.

6 Great Reasons to Choose Hitec Shower Sealant

Hitec Shower Pack is the only shower sealant that:

  1. Has detailed copyright instructions, allowing you to save time, money and inconvenience of hiring a tradesman.
  2. Is a tradesman tried and proven product since 1986.
  3. Has expert technical information and after sales assistance available from the innovator of the product
  4. Is guaranteed and Australian owned.
  5. Is easily cleaned up with water.
  6. Is non-toxic, non flammable and environmentally friendly, which also makes it completely safe for you and your family to use.

Some other shower products:

  • Are made of hydrocarbons, solvents etc., which are quite toxic and can cause cardiac arrest.
  • Are messy requiring turps for clean-up.
  • Are not guaranteed by the manufacturer once dispatched.
  • Are flammable, and also add to the greenhouse effect.
  • Cannot come into contact with water for hours, or will become ineffective!
  • Are just surface coatings which can be deteriorated by soaps and water.
  • Have no specific instructions as to how to prepare the shower.

Why you should Choose Hitec Sealant for Your Leaking Shower Repairs without removing tiles.


I’m Steve Rapaport, the inventor and innovator of the HITEC Shower Sealing System. The first product invented in 1986 and commercially available in 1990 to repair “Leaking Shower Recesses without removing the tiles”.

You have a leaking shower recess that you want fixed quickly and easily, and you don’t want it to cost you the earth. You don’t want to pull up all of your undamaged tiles, you don’t want to be messy, and you don’t especially want to pay a tradesman. You’d like to be able to repair it yourself, and you need to know that whatever you do, it is not going to have to be done again in six months time! Here’s your answer.

We’ve been helping people like you repair their leaking shower recesses since 1986 with the most cost effective and permanent waterproofing product on the market. As a wall and floor tiler for over twenty years, the innovator can guarantee that HITEC is tried, tested and proven to save you time, money and inconvenience and it’s not a short term quick fix either.

I have repaired many leaking shower recesses, and now many more thousands of shower recess repairs to fully convince myself that this is the very best choice for a cost effective and foolproof method of repair. Now with my detailed “copyright “ easy system, you do not need to employ a tradesman or builder, as you have the product and information right there in the pack: tried, tested and written for you by a professional.

Our shower sealing system utilizes state of the art sealing material which is fully warranted and guaranteed.

Beware quick fix application products that promise themselves to be waterproof, but are only a surface coating – do the job right the first time with HITEC!

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