Leaking Shower Repairs

Who is HITEC and How are we qualified to help you?


I’m Steve Rapaport, the inventor & innovator of the HITEC Shower Sealing System. The first product available to repair “Leaking Shower Recesses without removing the tiles” As a wall and floor tiler for over twenty years I have repaired many leaking shower recesses!

Before Hitec, the only way to stop a leak in your shower recess was to remove the floor and the bottom row of wall tiles, seal that section with a waterproof membrane, then re-tile the shower wall and floor tiles. On today’s competitive market, this method can cost around $3000.00!

Way back in 1986 I became involved with a revolutionary new and environmentally friendly product that waterproofs cementitous materials. It took me four years since then and many thousands of shower recess repairs to fully convince myself that this is the very best choice for a cost effective and foolproof method of repair.

So in 1990 I put together the “Leaking Shower Recess Seal Kit” and promoted it tile stores in NSW & Qld. This kit contained the products to seal at least 2 shower recesses.

This was a hard sell as there was doubt the product would work. I had no choice but to leave the product in store “on consignment until the store confirmed my expectations that the general public can DIY successfully and seal their own showers. Since then there has been many thousands of showers sealed using the Hitec Product. In 1994 the Hitec One Shower Floor Pack was released and is still available today. ”Now with my detailed “copyright“ easy system, you do not need to employ a tradesman or builder, as you have all the product information right there in the pack tried, tested and written for you by a professional.

Our shower sealing system utilizes state of the art sealing materials. Beware quick fix application products that promise themselves to be waterproof, but are only a surface coating – do the job right the first time with HITEC!

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