July 9, 2019

It is a fact that all the natural stone is porous. The reason behind this is the vast number of capillary pores that liquids and gases can move around. You can find different types of natural stones, for example, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, basalt and more. All the stones have porous materials which act like hard sponges and soak up liquids and minerals in the long run.

Want to attain a non-slip finish? You can check out the best non slip finishes Sydney products. There is no doubt that natural stones are highly durable. But the stones are not treated properly. It can face different issues. However, this is where you will need perfect sealant. By effectively sealing natural stones, you can prolong their lifespan and looks. But how to know which is the best sealant?

Useful tips for choosing the perfect sealant?

Sealant type- Topical sealers

Talking about topical sealants, these are the coating which applies on the top of the stone’s surface. Such kind of sealer protects the stones from water, oil, contaminants and other types of liquids. The sealer creates an elegant and polished appearance on the surface. Besides, it darkens the surface. Moreover, this will slightly change the original look of the natural stone.

If the topical sealant is applied on stone flooring, it will develop a glossy look. That means it has less slip resistance. In some cases, you can have to add a non-slip additive on the stone used in the kitchen and bathrooms. The sealant may not last for a more extended period and not suitable for stone flooring, especially in the areas where footfall rate is quite high.

If you are applying sealant on the kitchen’s natural stone, make sure that you are using the suitable sealant safe for food preparation.

Sealant type- Penetrating Sealers

If you are looking for an alternative to a topical sealant, then you can go for a penetrating. Such types of sealant penetrate the surface of natural stone and offer maximum protection from staining. This type of natural stone sealant does not alter the natural beauty of the stone, unlike the topical sealants. It protects the surface of tiles from scratches and abrasions.

The sealant that works below from the surface of the stone always requires a lesser amount of maintenance. The sealant does not wear away in months. In some cases, special cleaners are used to clean the surface of the stone. Most of the penetrating sealers use fluoropolymers, siloxanes, and siliconates.

Sealant type- Impregnating sealers

These sealers come under the category of penetrating sealer which goes deep into the stone and soaks it with the molecules. It effectively gets combined with capillary pores and after that repels water and oils from the material. Such sealer can prevent salt crystallizing on the stone surface.

So, choose the sealer based on your requirements. Understand everything about the stone tiles and overall looks of the stone and choose best liquid stone Sydney.

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