October 11, 2019

The procedure is easy, but you need to follow step by step procedure for a long lasting result. You need to firstly look for any fault in your walls that might make the paint look disgusting. More than just the look, if there will be any impurities in the wall; the paint will not stay for a long duration.

Before you plan on the application of terracotta paint Sydney on your exterior walls uses a primer first. Soon after you have done with applying Primer, use weather-coat. It is a lengthy procedure and expensive too, but your terracotta paint will last for more than 25 years with these remedies. In this article, you will know in detail about the necessary procedure for applying terracotta paint to your walls.

Clean the wall surface

You need to start with firstly cleaning the bricks using water and detergent. You can also use a pressure washing nozzle to clean the walls. You need to mind the water pressure you are giving on to the walls. Excess pressure might damage the terracotta bricks. If you find any stains or marks, then you can treat that part of your wall with muriatic acid. After you clean your wall go for the primer coating only after your wall is dry. Leave your wall for at least 24 hours to dry.

Fix mortars

During the washing process, if any of the mortar is exposed, remove it gently with a putty knife or a scraper. Clean that area using a brush and use a patch kit to fill the mortars. The patches will be rigid in four to five hours, and you will be ready to proceed.

Apply Primer to the wall surface

When you paint on terracotta brick walls directly, the paint sticks unevenly giving an unpleasant look. Therefore experts suggest primer coatings before you apply terracotta paint on your exterior walls. Applying primer will eventually form a stable base upon the walls on which the paint will stick for a longer duration. You need to give a primer coat and then a top coat which will protect the paint from adverse weather conditions.

Apply Terracotta paint

After your coatings are dry, you are ready to go for the painting of your exterior wall. There is a vast number of different paints available as an option. You need to choose a right quality product to give a good life to your walls.

These are the necessary procedure for applying terracotta paint on your exterior walls. You can most preferably use a concrete sealer Nelson Bay on your wall paint. They increase the durability of your wall paint and improve their life. The best thing about a sealer is that you can apply it time after the time above the existing sealer coat. You can repeat this process in intervals to give your wall a new look forever. If you are planning on getting terracotta paint on your walls, then you must keep the right procedure in mind.

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